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2 min readMar 16, 2023

Helping you discover, play, and invest in the best of web3 gaming

The web3 gaming universe is expanding quickly. It’s exciting, but it’s also overwhelming, especially for new players. Our mission is to make new games easy to find, play, and invest in, and our values are anchored in being a positive-sum player who connects new gamers, communities, developers, creators, studios, guilds, and traders with the best opportunities in this new frontier for gaming.

We’re starting with a free weekly newsletter while we’re busy building some exciting new tools and content. Each edition will feature three games — one we’re playing right now, one we’re looking forward to, and one offering interesting opportunities with digital assets.

We’ll also give you a sneak peek at some gaming alpha, such as free mints, giveaways, upcoming releases, or tips from expert players. But to get the full story, you’ll need access to our token-gated Discord channel. More on that next time.

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We hope you enjoy GameChat and that it makes web3 gaming feel as fun and accessible as it should be! As we build our audience, your comments and shares will go a long way in helping us build a community. And of course, this is web3, where early community members are rewarded first. We have a few ideas.

GameChat is Powered by humanDAO

Gaming is an integral part of the humanDAO origin story. Although many new players were drawn to crypto and web3 gaming by the explosive growth of P2E and Axie Infinity, few recognized the larger, long-term opportunity. We view games as a crucial step in introducing millions of people to the opportunities crypto offers for greater financial freedom and access to the global digital economy.

GameChat’s product roadmap is being developed by our dedicated DAO contributors and is designed to create new opportunities for the humanDAO community to play, earn, and invest in crypto. Our combination of the Pocket Assistants coordination platform, the $HDAO token, and the diverse economy we are building around GameChat enables us to offer unique incentives and rewards to everyone from administrative workers to specialists, creators, testers, and engaged community members.

When you support GameChat, you directly benefit people in underserved communities around the world and help us advance our mission to improve lives through crypto.

Find out more at humandao.org and follow us at https://twitter.com/humanDAO.




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