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4 min readOct 20, 2021


The humanDAO is a decentralized, autonomous organization created to use crypto assets, platforms, and incentives to help underserved communities. Help can be in the form of education, work, funding, or lending. It’s a jobs board, education center, and opportunity zone for the metaverse and the new digital gig-economy starting to emerge on blockchains.

Metaverse Gig-Work

You cannot have a true metaverse until you have a way to earn inside. Enter play-to-earn (P2E). Through new crypto incentives, like P2E gaming, a true metaverse is born. P2E gaming allows us to achieve our goal by renting or lending DAO assets (NFTs) to gamers who use them to unlock in-game reward tokens they can redeem for local currency — creating wages for the gamer and a revenue stream for the DAO. Most DAOs launch in search of a revenue stream. HumanDAO has one built-in.

While the gaming industry growth is undeniable even before in-game items were NFTs (ownable/exchangeable) and the P2E incentive model. Blockchain games are going to eat into the existing gaming market and recruit non-gamers; look no further than the success of Axie Infinity..

Earn + Learn

Amazingly, the P2E movement is also onboarding the masses into crypto. It’s not Bitcoin, cheaper/faster payments or memes, but games. Most of these newcomers have no idea this all takes place on crypto networks. We have a golden opportunity to educate the early adopters in these developing nations by incentivizing them to learn through DAO tokenomics.

Not only will they discover a new income stream, but these early adopters will also become local crypto-stewards and humanDAO ambassadors equipped with the knowledge of this new open internet of value. America benefited the most from the internet because it was the closest to it, birthed it. Crypto was birthed globally. Anyone with an internet connection can take advantage.

Metaverse & Beyond

We will not only utilize P2E/gaming to accomplish our mission but whatever comes next in crypto. Just as no one was betting on P2E to be a thing three years ago, we have no idea what new economic models crypto will throw at us next. Gaming is only one vertical we can leverage.

Our growth will be digital facing (at first) to take advantage of the early metaverse, but also have physical representation with boots-on-the-ground. We will be positioned to take advantage of the web3 versions of Uber, Airbnb, Etc.

HumanDAO is an ambitious project, but it’s live and working. It only needs to grow. Luckily, there is significant demand for borrowing these assets and earning. Our community grew from 50–13k in 6 weeks by word of mouth alone. We believe nearly 1/3rd of the world will work for a DAO by 2030. We are focusing on the bottom-up approach.

In crypto, the ideal has always been to become bankless. But those in our community are bankless by default. The same way Africa famously leapfrogged landlines and went to mobile, we can facilitate the same with banking, finance, and earning through crypto and web3 platforms.

Core Pillars

WAGESThrough P2E (and whatever new business model emerges next in crypto) we can provide income through gig and job opportunities in the metaverse and beyond.

EDUCATIONIncentivize learning about crypto and web3 through DAO tokenomics, making visitors official DAO stakeholders through airdropping tokens upon completion. Actual learning modules that require engagement to absorb the information better. From learning about cryptos benefits and how to utilize them to securing it properly.

FEEDA portion of the revenue stream will provide meals through the use or partnership with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) or a similar entity every month.

FUNDProjects by the underserved, for the underserved, from micro-lending to more ambitious projects. Any member can submit proposals for impactful projects to be voted on by the DAO. We can crowdsource thorough research and analysis regarding the most impactful projects to fund through our global yet localized member base.

We plan to scale and decentralize through the community with DAO governance tokens (more details coming soon) and bring crypto and its opportunities to developing nations. Join a worthy DAO with an important mission, be early and help grow the network and crypto. We are looking to add to the core team, advisors, and partners. If interested, reach out on Twitter or the website.


Check out site and docs for more info.

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A decentralized autonomous organization using crypto to help underserved communities