Catching Up

Well, hello there, it’s been a while. And there’s a lot to catch up on, indeed (really, a lot). So, what’s been happening? (in no particular order)

  1. Completed ten years of working life (y/nay)
  2. Divorce wrapped up (finally)
  3. Booting the ‘non-work laptop’ after ages (at 12% battery) and getting the app update process in place (very likely the mandatory restart will interrupt as I type). And discovering there’s no Medium app for Mac, yet. (unless I’m not using the correct search term)
  4. Catching up on Hasan Minhaj and Chelsea Handler (great people still exist in this world, trust me)
  5. Finishing up A Song of Ice and Fire (yes, all the five [seven if actual number of volumes] books written yet) in one , giant stretch (yep) and looking forward to GoT S07. (Dany, I love you)
  6. Recovering fully from stress fracture (finally) and getting back to running. Those four months of tears, heartbreak, depression and more depression (on seeing fellow runners’ finisher medal selfies on Instagram) better be worth it as I get back to putting one foot after another (and fast, hopefully).
  7. Buying another pair of running shoes (y/nay)
  8. Getting my financial act together (see what I did there)
  9. Making some real plans of seeing more of the real world (yay)
  10. Trying some amateur (more like below kindergarten level) doodling
  11. Catching up with and discovering great friends (more like real people with hearts of real gold). You know who you are, if you’re reading this — sloppy kisses to each one of you.
  12. Yelling at and chasing away random kids from the backyard as up my grumpy old man and home alone (yeah I still live with my parents and they’re on a short holiday currently) game(s), simultaneously.

There’s a lot more to catch up on, but hopefully that will come in the form of better writing and more coherent Medium post. Cheers.