Modern Virtues & Vices

A while ago, when I was (trying to) stay off social media, a friend asked me, out of genuine concern, “what would it take to get you back to civilised society?”. Ever since I got back to this so-called ‘civilised society’ (yes, sarcasm intended), my thoughts on what seem to be modern (or the digital age) virtues and vices seem to be getting reinforced. Call this yet another rant of a cynic/listicle/stuff articulated better in the blogs of influencers, I still thought I should make a simplified list of my observations instead of a series of tweets no one will read (much like this post). So here goes:



Intolerance towards to anyone not in agreement with you


Meninism (or, labelling any feminist a ‘feminazi’)



Outrage (or, a day on Twitter)


Vices (well, of course)



Free thinking (ah l’tard at work again)


(Being a) Teetotaller

General Optimism (oops)

Some may overlap or some should be swapped while some don’t deserve to be on any list at all. Whatever your conclusion is, enjoy!

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