Long Canyon to Simi Peak via Lang Ranch Open Space

No Name 5030 Training

Long Canyon Trail Head at the corner of Wood Ranch Parkway and Long Canyon Road in Simi Valley.

Distance: 10 Miles

Elevation Gain: 2400 feet

Difficulty: Moderate

Trailhead Address: CLICK HERE

Parking: Free and plenty! My favorite part is that it’s paved!


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Yes, I’m showing off my car a bit but look! Plenty of free, paved parking!

This past week, I decided that I wanted to start my week off strong, and bag a peak! Luckily, I live and work roughly a 7 minute drive from the Long Canyon trailhead that can lead you all the way to Simi Peak.

Simi Peak is the highest peak in the Simi Hills and its summit is 2,405 feet above sea level.

I started the run off from the Long Canyon trailhead and quickly started climbing up into Lang Ranch Open Space.

Unfortunately, there is not much of a warm up, since the climbing essentially starts from the trailhead.

After about a mile, you’ll reach Sunrise Trail, which is officially the start of Lang Ranch Open Space. Stay Right on Sunrise Trail, as it will become Lang Ranch Ridge Trail.

My favorite climb of the trail!
When Sunrise becomes Lang Ranch Ridge, you’ll have about a quarter mile climb to the next junction. This is one of my favorite parts of the trail.

When you reach the top of Lang Ranch Ridge, which will be approximately 1 and 1/4 mile, turn around and take in the views. I love looking behind me and seeing the progress I’ve already made.

Moving forward, Hidden Canyon Trail, which is a fast, technical single track comes up on the right!

The start of the Hidden Canyon Trail single track, with Simi Peak in the distance.
The terrain starts out smooth, and fast but quickly gets rocky and banked.
This is toward the end of the single track where it climbs a little bit to meet Meadow Vista Trail.

When you get onto Meadow Vista trail, you’ll have reached approximately 2 miles.

Meadow Vista winds down for about .4 mile before becoming Albertson Fire Rd.
Meadow Vista has a really pretty wooded section right before you hit the long, exposed Albertson Fire Rd.
Albertson Fire Rd is the trail that connects Lang Rach Open Space to Chesebro Canyon State Park. It’s very popular with mountain bikers.
I kept up with this mountain biker for a bit!
He started pulling away from me though, but hey, the views at Simi Peak would make anyone want to go faster!
Roughly 3 miles in, there is a beautiful observation bench from which to watch the sunset or sunrise.
This shot is approaching the Palo Comado Fire Rd. junction.

At approximately 4 miles, you’ll reach the Palo Comado Fire Rd. junction, which will lead you into China Flat and Simi Peak.

Look for this sign to confirm that you are headed the right way.
I love China Flat! It’s one of Ventura County’s best kept secrets.
Another beautiful shot of China Flat at sunset. It’s so dreamlike.
Simi Peak in the distance. Keep climbing!

Shortly after the sign, the single track that leads you to Simi Peak will be waiting for you on the right.

The views as you come up to Simi Peak are epic, and iconic of Ventura County, especially at sunset.
When you make it to the saddle, the trail makes a sharp left.
After a steep little climb, look for the benchmark to confirm you’ve reached the peak! 😊
I made it to the peak just as the sun was setting across the mountains.
Celebratory sunset summit picture at the peak!

I bagged this peak in the evening as the sun set, so I didn’t spend much time up there, however, if you have more time to enjoy it, I highly suggest meditating and taking in the 360 degree views.

After a brief amount of time at the peak, I whipped out my flash light and started running back down the same way I came. Unfortunately, my phone died with about 4 miles back to my car so I apologize in advance if my RunGo route is a little bit off, since I had to go back an edit it on my computer.

I loved running this route at sunset, it wasn’t too hot and watching the sun disappear in the horizon was priceless. I was also happy to know that I was training a large part of the No Name 5030 50K course. If you’re running that race, I highly suggest training the course. It’s a lot less forgiving than it seems! 😅

Notes regarding the run:

  • Nutrition is key! Make sure that you have plenty of easily digestible calories to take in throughout the run. You’ll need the energy that these calories will provide you!
  • Hydration is also key! Make sure to pack plenty of water and electrolytes to last you the duration of the run. I always pack more water than I think I need, and take Salt Sticks every 3 — 4 miles.
  • Wear plenty of sunscreen or breathable layers to protect your skin. The trail is mostly shadeless as with most trails in the Santa Monica Mountains, Simi Hills and Lang Ranch.
  • Remain patient and self motivated. Once you reach the peak, you’ll be taken away by the opportunity to see Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Oak Park, and Agoura Hills all within a few miles distance. Upon reach the summit, allow yourself the opportunity to rejoice in your accomplishment!

Screenshot of the birds eye view of the route with elevation profile.

Thanks for reading! Now go out and tackle this trail!