For every wife that feels like she’s giving up this is for you. I really feel like I’m loving to deep & I’m drowning in desire. It’s more like heart strings to add to his attire. The more I shift the more he resists. While I’m praying the more he’s delaying every part of himself, because he’s on the fence about love more or even loving at all. I thought love was a two way street, but yet I’m still waiting for him to speak. Lord why are you hurting me? I gave it all up just to be set free, but he’s set me back to the place I want to be free from. I trusted you to take me away from pain, but the more I love the more he pushes me away. I don’t feel like cooking & and I don’t feel like cleaning. I’m tired…… I hear something say don’t give up… Who is that? Hello! Show yourself to me. Just know that I’m near, and never far away. But…. Stop questioning me. Haven’t I showed you in past time that I’ll fix it for you? Yes, but…. Just trust in me. I’m am the rose Sharon I will guide you through this, just believe.

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