Nicole Rufuku — Author of Hiring for the Innovation Economy — to be featured at Inside/Outside Innovation Summit

The Inside/Outside Innovation Summit, to be held on May 29–31, 2018 in Lincoln, NE, is bringing together leaders in the world of startup and corporate innovation to help you accelerate growth, launch new ideas, and compete in today’s changing marketplace.

More than 20 speakers will offer startups, corporate innovators and community leaders practical tools and techniques for accelerating and injecting innovation into organizations. Find a full list of speakers HERE and check back often for updates.

Nicole Rufuku, CEO & Cofounder of Bonsai Hiring

Nicole Rufuku comes to the Summit after starting at Microsoft and then a career in strategy and product, helping entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies build digital products.

As a Principal at Neo Innovations (acquired by Pivotal Labs), she built digital businesses, from ideation to scale. Nicole has built startup teams from the ground up, both as a founder and as a consultant.

She developed an interest in hiring and diversity from her own experience hiring talent to power agile teams for rapid innovation. Nicole has now applied her product expertise through to hiring, with a New York based consultancy called Bonsai, where she helps growth-stage companies find hiring success by creating compelling interview experiences and treating candidates like customers.

She is the author of the upcoming book Hiring for the Innovation Economy: Three Steps to Improve Performance and Diversity.

Hosted by the Inside/Outside Innovation podcast team and led by Brian Ardinger, CEO of NXXT, the Inside/Outside Innovation Summit is a 2-day national conference that will bring together high-growth startups, corporate innovators and community leaders to collide and engage with new startups, new technologies, new business models and new talent. It will also feature hands-on learning sessions and an investment pitch competition.

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