Peter Gardner, Startgrid founder to speak on connecting entrepreneurs + enterprises at Inside/Outside Innovation Summit 2018

Peter Gardner has been in the innovation market for over 20 years, initially as a venture capital investor helping early stage entrepreneurs build their businesses.

Peter Gardner, Founder of Startgrid

More recently Peter founded Startgrid, a company focused on connecting entrepreneurs and enterprises to bring innovation to life and build strategic value. Startgrid’s platform is used by some of the world’s largest enterprises to manage how they connect with global innovators and deliver solutions to internal product and R&D teams.

Peter sits on the Advisory Board of the Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship at Santa Clara University. He has a BS from Tufts University and an MBA from UCLA.

The Inside/Outside Innovation Summit, to be held on May 29–31, 2018 in Lincoln, NE, is bringing together leaders in the world of startup and corporate innovation to help you accelerate growth, launch new ideas, and compete in today’s changing marketplace.

More than 20 speakers will offer startups, corporate innovators and community leaders practical tools and techniques for accelerating and injecting innovation into organizations.

Hosted by the Inside/Outside Innovation podcast team and led by Brian Ardinger, CEO of NXXT, the Inside/Outside Innovation Summit is a 2-day national conference that will bring together high-growth startups, corporate innovators and community leaders to collide and engage with new startups, new technologies, new business models and new talent. It will also feature hands-on learning sessions and an investment pitch competition.

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