Letters I Wrote To Myself When I Was Single

Number 5.

I don’t see the world like a normal person. Or maybe I do. It would be amazing if you could pop out one of your eyes and put in another’s, and then you could simultaneously see the world from two perspectives at once.

This sounds more gruesome than it should, but it would resolve the majority of arguments. Is now the point where I bring up the infamous dress that went around social media awhile back? I have to use an old reference; I got rid of social media. Technically I still have a personal Twitter account. I don’t post (is that the right phrase) on it.

The irony of being incredibly good at marketing and refusing to partake in social media is not lost on me. I don’t mention this to my clients. They ask why they can’t find me. I say it’s because I’m so good, I don’t want to be found under my name. One day they are going to call me out on this. Today’s not the day and tomorrow isn’t looking good either. But one day, one day someone is going to say “bullshit?” And I’ll say “yes” thinking they are calling my marketing name.

That’s all she wrote. It was short, it was sweet, and it was all she could muster as she prepared for a date. Don’t worry, it’s a new one, a better one, but then again isn’t that the lie she tells herself every day?

It’s a lie because she can’t define better. She can only try to define what’s better for her, and that friends, is still very much a work in progress. It wasn’t itemized invoice guy, it definitely wasn’t brain in the vat guy, and it might not be this guy, but you can’t blame a girl who keeps on trying. One day, one day it will be right and what a glorious day that will be.

And now that’s all she wrote.

The Improbable Jones

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