Podcast Episode #1 When Orbits Intersect

What happens when Indian philosophy meets western cult form ? When a DJ, a writer and a rebel finds his voice in rhythm and poetry.

Find out in this maiden episode of The Indie Street Podcast ft. #MEGH-uh-WATT.

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About MEGH-uh-WATT:

Meghraj or MEGH-uh-WATT as he’s fondly called, is a rapper with a twist. Breaking the stereotypes, he is a person of strong spiritual values and social conviction. He explains his journey down the hip-hop road, his inspiration and the ups and downs of his life. Follow Megh on Facebook

MeEGH-uh-watt’s Latest Single Forever

Music by Josh Woodward & Chris Zabriskie
Design : Tejaswi and Ravish Shadab | Writeup: Anusha Mulumoodi
Edited by Teja Girijala | Mixed by Nagarjun Thallapalli | Hosted by Avinash Pothu

For more informataion please visit www.theindiestreet.com