On the Ethics of Dumpsterfires
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

It’s all about radicalizing impoverished whites to conform to a stereotype. Donald Trump may be exciting [for the media] but it’s all about brand packaging; ‘here white trash, here is your appropriate political product to consume, enjoy like a baby in a playpen’.

We’re supposed to embrace fascism so the wealthies on the right have an army of useful, obedient, easily trashable cannon fodder, as well, the wealthies on “left”/centre have an easily identifiable bad guy to defeat, because they couldn’t possibly attack their boarding school dorm buddies now can they? It’s all fun and games. Join the debate club.

Here in the UK, the Labour Party is in a state of civil war partly because the liberal/centre/right-wing wants the right to throw poor people to the bigoted Middle Class. Cause electability. A concession that ‘polite’ society is irredeemable and requires blood sacrifice to sedate its thirst. Hell, maybe they’re right, after all the abuse, poverty, corruption and deaths, they said, hey we want more of that, kick them harder.

That’s what we are, nothing but eternal feckless scroungers deserving of never ending punishment and humiliation. Whatever bad thing is present, recessions, the Trumps/Farages, bigotry, brexit, alien unicorn invasions, the complexity is always simplified to being the fault of the poors. Because innate immorality. We soak up their bullshit so they can maintain their purity.

I must admit, it’s a beautifully sickening sight here, watching all the privileged liberals, so-called centrist “”””moderates”””” engaging in ever more pathetic temper tantrums because people aren’t getting in line, doing what they are told, poor people are being respected by the leader of the opposition and *le gasp* the worst possible thing is happening, socialism is starting its ascent.