An Open Letter To You Employers And HR.

Dear Employer/HR Personnel,

When it comes to job vacancy on Marketing or any Business related jobs, why do you always look for a candidate that graduated from courses of Marketing, Business Management or Entrepreneurship?

What about the graduate of other courses that want to make Marketing or being one hell of a good sales person as a career? Are they doomed?

And what the hell is this line:

“Must be a graduate of any Business-related course”

I get it if you're looking for candidates to fill the spots of Engineers, Lawyers, Nurses, Architects, Counselor, etc. that you need them to major in this field


one can’t just enter the job as a Nurse if he/she doesn’t have any prior experience to having rounds in the hospital and study their syllabus.

one can’t just enter the job of being an Architect if he/she doesn’t have any experience on drawing and sketching blueprints and becoming an intern.

and can’t just simply be a Counselor and not know the basic principles of counseling and the different psychological theories.

But in Marketing or Business related jobs? I don’t see it as to why you need to be a degree holder to play in that field.

Allow me to shed some light to your job description: Marketing is a dynamic field. It is not stagnant nor idle, it keeps changing through years. Which means that marketing books in Universities that was published 5 years ago wouldn’t apply in today’s world. The traditional way of approaching your consumer has drastically changed

e.g.: a person’s attention span is lower than of a majestic gold fish.

You know what, screw it. Imma lecture the sh*t out of you.

If you think about it, online marketing wasn’t as trendy as it is now compared to 5–9 years ago. Back then there was no Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Traditional marketing - billboards ads, news paper ads and tv ads - made more sense to reach the people. Back then, Mr and Mrs Smith took time to see the surroundings on the road, they read every billboard ad and every morning they would drink their coffee and read the newspaper.

But that was centuries ago (yes, i am exaggerating).

Times haves changed and so did our actions and routines. In the recent years up to present, for marketers to get their ads noticed, they should be where the eyes and ears of the consumers are — online and social media.

And to get into the attention space (social media) of your consumers, you need to play in the field of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. because playing in these fields increases your chance of success to market your product or company.

If we are to be practical, the internet and social media applications has changed the market drastically. The attention span of consumers have degraded and marketers need to adapt. If you, a marketer, is not on social especially when your consumer demographic ranges from young teens to adults, then you’re sailing a sinking boat.

In online marketing — the most dominant branch of marketing in the years to come —you need to be observant and understanding. No need of a degree. Observant to the consumer market, observe where their attention is. Where are they spending most of their time? Then you understand the psychology of every platform. On how you should approach your consumer differently on Facebook, Twitter and others.

Then there’s SEO, another way to market in the online world. Which is another topic discussed on another article.

Universities has taught Marketing majors the traditional ways of marketing. Books that are published years ago which means that the authors was writing strategies that was “going right” for him in the year he was writing it. And again, Marketing is a dynamic field.

So HR personnel, please consider the other applicants who aren’t marketing or business majors because they might know a whole lot more on how to market and sell in the year we live in.


A Psychology major.

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