The Secret To Finally Doing That Thing

“Do you”
— Doing what you have to do.
— Being yourself
— Not caring about what other people will think about your action.

Worrying about what people will think of you-if you do this or that, is such a waste of time. It really is.

Please, we need to stop worrying about what other people think of us. I can not stress this enough that their opinion doesn’t count. There’s a myriad of people that doesn’t pursue what they actually want to do because they’re afraid to step outside their circle of comfort zone where haters and small minded people are waiting to pounce on their little egos.

It’s crazy how people are stopped dead on their tracks to actually wanting do to something because they think too much about what their friends and other people would say.

It doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t matter.

In the grand scheme of doing things, you have two choices. It’s either:

A.) You create something, you do something, you become productive, you chase your goals


B.) You cant create or start something because you’re too busy minding what other people would think if you do that or fail.

Most great and courageous people would pick choice A. The term courageous was used because if you had an idea and you decided to act upon it, you very well know that acting towards that thought comes with overcoming self doubt, criticisms, mistakes and failures.

Think About It

If we were all living back in the year 1890, the thought of “people being able to fly” was crazy, absurd and fanatical. We would have laughed our asses off. But in 1903, the Wright brothers turned that crazy, absurd and fanatical idea to something realistic we now call the airplane.
Imagine the doubts they need to hurdle to every day, the criticism of people saying that it’s impossible, that they could never make something like that. If the Wright brothers succumbed and listened to what people think of their idea, then one of the greatest invention of creating a transport vehicle wouldn’t have happened.

That story might be on a bigger scale of doing things but doing big things comes with a ton of adversities. Which relates to our every day lives. If two of the greatest innovators didn’t give much attention as to what people are saying about their big idea, why the hell would we?

“Creators are going to create while haters..well haters are going to comment negative things because it gives them gratitude to pull someone down to be on the same level as they are.“

Kanye West once said that his music, his style, his actions only matter to the doers and creators. He does things with hope to spark and motivate them. If people are commenting negative things towards him, he said:

They don’t matter. Anyone that wants to talk sh*t are taking too much time talking sh*t about someone instead of getting up and following their own dreams. I’m here to follow my dreams and inspire people who are dreamers”

So yes, please do pursue the things you want to do and not give a single amount of thought as to what people might negatively think. People are too conscious about the perception of others. Don’t let someone’s opinion hinder your desire to actually do something. You might fail, you might succeed. But those two are part of the equation in life, that’s why everybody has their ups and down. Life is so much fun living outside the circles of our comfort zone.

Be creative, go outside the norm, do something that’s not normal to your circle, be different, be courageous.