How A Boxer And A Rapper Helped Me Through A National Exam

My attempt to bring value to you — my non-existent readers.

Let me share how those two helped me as I was prepping up for the national licensure exam in Psychology.

First off, I want you all to know that I really wanted to pass the exam. It was for the sole reason that I wanted to achieve something during the time I was 21. And passing the exam, would be a great thing for me to achieve “something”.

The thought of not passing the exam is enough motivation for me, but there would be days that the level of motivation was low. Those days would comprise of me doing nothing productive. Just lying in bed, sleeping, eating…you know, the casual pig life.

So whenever I feel the pig life calling me (I didn’t choose the pig life, the pig life chose me), I fight it. I listen to the boxer and the rapper.

The Boxer = Floyd Mayweather

Photo taken from: Google

*Note: Mayweather is hated in my country (Philippines), probably because he defeated Pacquiao by running and hugging across the ring. And for the fact that he’s just, metaphorically, big headed.

But regardless of the sweet words mentioned, I actually look up to the man’s mantra when training. It goes by:

“Hardwork and dedication”

I saw a video of Mayweather training for a fight and while he’s doing a thousand sit ups and jogging around the city at night (so that’s why he was so good in running during the match. Shots fired!), he keeps repeating the words,

“hard work..dedication..hard work..dedication…hard work..dedication”

As if to remind himself constantly to do these things to come up at top.

So, I copied his mantra. Before I get into the zone to study (what a lame thing to “get in to the zone” to. Lol), I repeat those words as well.

I utter,

“hard work.. dedication..dedication..hard work.. dedication..dedication..hard work”

to also remind myself that these things are crucial to achieve my immediate goal which is to pass.

Hard work in reading and understanding the concepts of each theory, (there were about 15 theories to be studied along with their subtopics); to familiarize the different types of disorders, their genesis, and their symptoms; to understand the flow and cognition of the people under the industrial/organizational field; to know what type of test to use for a particular person or situation and lastly the different ethical principles in the those fields.

~Those might be one to two sentences but in reality, those sentences are full-650 plus- pages-text books.

Dedication. Dedication to stick to my time table and schedule. When it’s time to study, I study. When it’s time to rest, I rest. The process is a cycle. Those two things should never overlap one another.

That is how I got myself to not go off track. I also did not pick out random study times because not following a schedule would lead you astray in your review days.

The Rapper = Drake

From Google

Who is this Drake? He is a rapper by profession, but for me, he fuels my motivation levels to get things d o n e.

I get motivated by listening to his songs.

Let me state some of his lyrics:


“Can I tell the truth? If I was doing this for you, then I have nothing left to prove. This for me though”

- I was never really a good student during my college years. I would rather play computer games, hang out with my friends, pig out or watch a movie. The result of those actions was that I failed a few minors here and there and a lot of major subjects too. In other words, I never bothered to be an achiever.

You see number 1? I wanted to pass the exam to prove something to myself. That I am capable of passing a test that a thousand of test takers couldn’t and to put my name in the history books (in this case the list of passers nationwide).

I thought to myself: wouldn’t that be great? that even when decades pass and if the son of my son would search the list of passers of that exam, my full name would be part of that list. I wanted to be part of history. Regardless of how that list takes up a very very small portion of history. It’s still part of it. Haha!

I have nothing to prove to others but only to myself. Regardless if I pass or not, at least I tried. At least it was for an intrinsic reward, I did it for me.


“Trust me, you get what you give.”

- If I was willing to give the long hours to study, then there would be a higher chance for me to get good results. You get what you give. Be willing to give the hard work, the long hours, the patience in understanding the concepts and at the end, you get the results of your actions. It’s like the modern saying of “You reap what you sow.”


“Everyone who doubted me is asking for forgiveness, if you aint been a part of it, at least you got to witness”

This is not me proving to others that I can pass the exam, but this is me rubbing my professional license on the face of everyone whoever doubted me, for anyone who never counted me in and for anyone who thought that I would fail because of my previous set backs. This one is for you.

Suck it.