Broken Links & Old Posts

If you go through the blog(s) you’ll find 11.5 years of posts that have been published and more than a few have links in them.

Some of those links are to other publications and some of them are to videos and not all of those links are live any more.

The net result is a bunch of broken crap littering the blog like an old newspaper or magazine that has a gaping hole in it because someone cut out a picture, article or coupon.

The question is, what do we do about those broken links.

Do we go on a search-and-destroy mission where we fix or remove them all?

Or do we let them stand because they help us remember what once was and add context to what we were trying to say?

The thing about the latter is without those links it is hard to provide the context we want and often all we have is a hole that leaves reader and writer wondering and perhaps wanting.

Most recent posts

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