An Open Letter To You
talia jane

Millenials, hard to take people seriously with all of the whining and finger pointing.

It is not always about somebody else. It is not always about someone preventing you from getting ahead or robbing you of opportunity.

Sometimes it really is because you just don’t have the experience to move on. Unless you are some sort of prodigy you learned basic math before you moved onto the more advanced stuff.

There is nothing wrong with putting in some time to learn a little bit before you are able to get that next position.

And sometimes if you want to live in a certain place you need to make adjustments based upon reality.

It is not always about complaining about how unfair it is for the CEO, middle management or Joe the Janitor makes compared to you.

Sometimes it is as simple as accepting you need a couple of roommates to help pay the rent and or adjust your lifestyle to accommodate the reality you live under and not the one you wish you did.

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