Pakleds and Worshipping the Same God

Suppose that there is a distant planet inhabited by sentient creatures known as Pakleds. Pakleds are like humans in most ways, but are far more gullible. Pakleds have a primitive society but haven’t yet developed any notion of deity.

One day an intelligent and mischievous (but otherwise quite ordinary) space-jockey, named Doug, crash lands on the Pakled planet. In order to repair his ship he will need to employ the services of a great many Pakleds. Being mischievous, he decides that he will acquire their services by telling them a grand lie. He tells the Pakleds that he is the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, uncreated creator of everything.

The Pakelds, being gullible, easily adopt the belief that Doug is the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, uncreated creator of everything. They are more than happy to offer worship to Doug by assisting him in repairing his ship. Over the course of the next few months they get to know quite a bit about Doug, besides him being the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, uncreated creator of everything. For instance, they learn that Dog likes chocolate, his favorite color is green, and that he can be very irritable if woken up before noon. As the Pakleds work Doug loves to sit under a tree, drinking and eating the best that the Pakleds have to offer and telling them stories about all the wonderful things he does. Some things he tells them are quite true, like the time he successfully smuggled several Korillian semiconductors onto the planet of Azabar. Other things he tells them are not true, like the time he commissioned Abraham to leave Ur and the time he promised to establish the throne of David forever. But the Pakleds, being gullible, believe the false stories as well as the true ones.

Eventually Doug’s ship is repaired and he bids them adieu with a promise that if they keep him in their thoughts and prayers he will take them all to Pakeld heaven when they die.

Do the Pakleds worship the same God as Christians? Arguably not. But the Pakleds would seem to classify as Classical Theists. And if Francis Beckwith, Edward Feser, Dale Tuggy et al believe that stories about Thomas Jefferson are sufficient to undercut denials of sameness of reference then surely my own story is sufficient to undercut their affirmation of sameness, which are based on Muslims and Christians both being Classical Theists.

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