Why it takes Courage to be an Artist

I’m putting my stake in the Ground.

So I’ve been quite open in sharing some of my personal journey with you here.

Most recently, me starting this blog, but beyond that what I’ve been really struggling with is greater than that….

I have started, run and closed 2 business in the past 3 years. Even just admitting this still feels so surreal.

Most recently, I’ve been in the throes of whether I want to venture, fully, into something else, something that’s been bugging me for a little while now.

The thing is, I’ve spent too much time in my head; considering all I’ve done and why it hasn’t born the fruit I wish it had. The ventures I’ve taken; the opportunities I’ve grabbed (and missed); the chances I’ve had; and the setbacks I’ve somehow, managed to overcome.

The past year has been enough for me to just want to Sit. To take a back seat and stop. Even if just for a minute (or a year!) to catch my breath. I haven’t wanted to do, to start, to build anything!

And yet hear I am, talking about this very thing.

I guess, the message I’ve been getting this past week is, regardless of whether it’s a new project, a new business, or my commitment to this blog — art, creativity, a life of meaning — takes Courage.


I committed to being a writer only weeks ago! It now feels like the most natural thing in the world! :-)

(or at least, I thought I did)

Saying yes when it’s all smiles and opportunity, shiny and hopeful? That’s one thing. Deciding that this is the path, the only way forward; that I’m committing to this Calling come what may; that I am putting my stake in the ground, is completely different….

I have an incredible friend who reminds me so much of myself. A couple of weeks back when battling about whether to commit to something, I challenged her to set a date. So she did. She decided to set a date… to set a date, to which she would then make the decision!

Now as funny as it sounds, I am also guilty as charged!

To set a date, to then set a date to then make the decision?! Really?

A few weeks back, I danced the Tango with being a Writer.

This week, I put my stake in the ground.

My commitment to this is to write first thing in the morning every single day (dont worry, not to you all). No excuses, no explanations.

This is my commitment to this journey, to my Calling.

What it boils down to is this. Being a *…….* (whatever your art is) takes commitment. It askes more of us than we’ve ever given to anything before. It requires more of you than you previously thought Capable.

And maybe it always will.

Maybe that’s what it takes to live and create anything meaningful.

The saying is, the faith of yesterday will never be the same as the faith for tomorrow.

So will we say yes to that adVENTURE — not just when it pretty and shiny, but where our foot hits the ground.

My question to you is this,

Where are you committed to your Calling?

Where are you going to choose Courage?

Where is your stake in the Ground?

and finally, Who have you told?!


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