Two Words That Changed The Way I Look At Everything

It was in early 2002 that I would have a chance encounter with the man who would change everything for me in an instant.

His name as Paul Mc Cabe and he was a speaker…A sales trainer and motivational speaker.

I was a bottom rung personal trainer at a big box gym (before I got chubby doing this marketing stuff) and I was in awe.

I wanted to be a speaker. i wanted to be a writer and have people reading and learning from my words and Ideas. So the question, burning inside me, I finally asked.

“How do I become a speaker and writer?” I asked.

His reply would shape everything I was to do for the rest of my life until this point.

I mean everything.

Since then I have hosted a radio morning show, hosted concerts for Jagermeister, worked for Playboy TV in LA, toured North America as a stand up comedian all the way to created and marketing software.

Since that moment there is nothing that I have wanted to be or do that I haven’t accomplished.

I know your waiting to hear what he told me…Here it is!

His answer was simply:

“Decide to!”

It blew my mind….And since then if there was anything I wanted to become or anything I wanted to accomplish I would just Decide To!

Of course deciding to be a____________ (insert dream here) takes a lot more than the decision to do it….But its a MASSIVE start!

Once you decide to, the next step is immediate and massive action!

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