Done is better than perfcet

My thoughts are stacking up.

I’m working with a team of awesome engineers organizing around agile.

My thoughts backlog has never been so stuffed with stories.

Like three times in the last week I’ve heard or read someone mention this axiom: done is better than perfect. And I can’t seem to get it off my mind.

I told one of my closest friends that I was going to make Done Is Better Than Perfect the theme of my next 6–8 weeks of life. He suggested I try it for a year. Chris is a great guy, you should meet him.

But that’s just the point.

I need a bite-sized chunk for a goal right now. I need to be able to achieve something doable. To accomplish a digestible percentage of my personal backlog.

One of the ideas playing pinball in my brain for the last two years has been ReviseCo.

Until now, this idea for a company was in the nudge error danger zone.

My ultimate aim is to be a catalyst that enables companies and people to work better and accomplish more. To take existing ideas, strategies, methods and revise them to work better than ever. Earth-shattering, right?

But it’s earnest and true.

Therefore: ReviseCo.

I mentioned that my ideas are stacking up — here’s a freebie: I hate the ReviseCo logo. What possessed me to use the “R” of a serif font? It’s kind of the worst. It needs revision. Stay tuned.

One of my first tasks under the umbrella of Done Is Better Than Perfect is to resurrect ReviseCo. Done.

A second task is creating some content around ReviseCo. Done. (thanks for participating!)

A third task is creating something to remember this moment by. This genesis. Is it sad that this is a t-shirt, for me?

Whatever. Done Is Better Than Perfect.

Thanks so much for reading! I’d love to connect with you wherever your attention is. I’m kind of a Twitter guy but can be found on LinkedIn and Instagram too.