Shooting for MaRS

In my humble opinion, innovation and invention hubs are what will keep this world turning. There are millions of people with different and unique ideas every day. But what makes something stand out from the rest? The amount of networking, branding, and resources that an idea has at it’s feet.

Enter: MaRS

MaRS, contrary to the name, is located in the heart of Downtown Toronto. It is a massive social innovation hub, providing all kinds of resources to entrepreneurs and innovators alike.

But, What Types of Resources?

Screenshot taken from the MaRS website


Both virtual and physical, MaRS offers thousands of tools for interested minds from an entrepreneurs toolkit full of blueprints for various operational templates, to physical workspaces and places to grow in their Toronto offices. Sometimes, a person is limited because they don’t know where to start and ask for help. MaRS’ tools help you by offering the assistance that you may have been unaware of.

Screenshot taken from the MaRS website


MaRS is not confined by the people who work there. They have an incredible network of experts, professionals, and successful individuals in a variety of sectors willing and able to provide advice, both professional and personal, to help get you off the ground and growing.

Screenshot taken from the MaRS website


Because of the growing scale of MaRS, they are able to take of larger projects and help them to grow to incredible heights. For them, it isn’t just about creating a worldwide billion dollar company, but more about creating worldwide impact on a social level. This means that if your project or company is accepted, you could be funded to grow and offer your products and services to the world.

Screenshot taken from the MaRS website


Working with MaRS is the equivalent of getting a deal on Dragon’s Den, minus the whole TV stint. If you have MaRS as an official sponsor, partner, or even workspace for your company, you instantly gain worldwide credibility and relevance. This alone can help expose you to large opportunities that would have otherwise been missed!

Screenshot taken from the MaRS website

No Dream is Too Big

Whenever you think that your idea is too small or never going to be realistic, just remember that Steve Jobs once sat in his garage wanting to create digital user interfaces on computers that weren’t even invented yet. He knew that no dream of his was too big.

MaRS can be a platform that can jump start your work and even help to change the world.

Video From the MaRS Youtube Channel

All relevant information on MaRS was taken from Their website
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