#TheJuiceStore Yoga Series : The Story of Yoga Dublin

We had the chance to catch up with the owner and founder of the very successful Yoga Dublin studios, Colm Walsh.

We wanted to understand the story of how Yoga Dublin came to be, and share some of the philosophy and culture that drives them.

What inspired you to start this?

My applications in my twenties to be either a Rock Star, Star Fleet commander or Timelord were rejected, I wanted a life less ordinary.

So I got into yoga 15 years ago, to deal with back pain, improve posture, and keep fit. I then took it up as a serious hobby, which turned into teaching for fun. This became a business, and I decided to take a lease out on a space, and dedicate to yoga. So I opened first studio in Ranelagh in 2003.

What type of Yoga do you teach?

My studios teach all types of yoga, hatha, astanga, vinyasa flow, restorative, yin yoga, prenatal…

How much of Yoga is mental,and how much of it is physical?

Yoga began as more of a mental and spiritual practice; there are eight ‘limbs’ of yoga, so the physical ‘asana’ practice is only one! But here in the West in the present day; we pursue mainly the physical benefits. One should always practice mindfully, and not injure or force one’s body, and allow the spiritual side in

What kind of people come?

Absolutely all sorts: from prenatal clients — who are not yet born, to grandmothers! All shapes, sizes and abilities. No one cares what your job or status is, when you are immersed on your mat.

What makes you most proud to see?

Women returning after one, two and three births, then bringing their daughters to classes! People coming for years and years, who get so much out of their yoga practice and classes.

Who is one person you look up to and why?

My Dad, Brendan. As I have four kids now, and I finally think I get it!

How do you keep everyone motivated?

Good channels of communication between staff, with our clients, with our team of teachers. Always re-investing in the infrastructure of the premises, the website, the marketing, the training.

Sibylle, one of the teachers at Yoga Dublin

What 3 words would someone use to describe your Yoga studio?

Clean. Cosy. Consistent.

What can people expect coming into your studio?

Good service. Dublin’s top teachers. Consistent classes. Punctuality. Value with our passes and memberships. Fun!​

For more information on classes and workshops, you can check out Yoga Dublin

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