I’m probably not the first

To think about this but………………

AH HA!!!!!!!!


Apple is notorious for their cables being delicate little flowers and we the public find creative ways to continue to stretch out whatever life might be left out of the product.

These dam things are expensive; $20 to be exact.

That’s half a tank of gas for me: and about a weeks worth of driving around.

The fact that Apple has yet to partner up with a company that has this problem figured out or simply upgrade their cables to a much more durable and dependable means for the price they ask of us; is a bit dumbfounding.

Yes I know Apple is set in their ways of how and when to release a new product or any upgrade to previous products, butt…😱… with third party and open source products: you’d think they would take initiative to try and keep the customer purchasing an OEM product and stand by their name instead of letting so much time pass before the issue is resolved.


Apple does have great uses for their products and the simplicity that come along with them.

I myself now for the first time own an Apple product other than the iPod: it is an IPhone and I like the ease of it.

( dam you zune why did you have to die!! )

Though I do miss the ability to customize at my disposal on an android or any other OS that’s not locked market, I don’t have too many complaints.

As I would much rather edit music, video, and photos on an Apple computer over anything else.

In the end

It’s whatever best suits you

What tools do you feel most confident working with.

“To each their own” ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

^ I think the above quote is correct, author and politician from 106BC; or something of the sort.

[ Currently running my server full power compressing files so opening another tab to search would take too long, but in sure it’s in the ball park. ]

( don’t kill me if I’m wrong, just inform me so I can’t correct it 💪🍻 )

Every persons mind is a different world, no two people are ever alike; butt, we can sure compromise and find middle ground to help one another out: lend a hand cause in the end all we have is each other in this short life on this tiny planet in a vast space of who knows what’s out there.

Staying true

Stay true to your nature

Our nature

Be creative and venture out

Much like I did with my random moment of fixing my cable problem; which I think is awesome even though I’m not the first or the last or even the best.

The fact is that I did it, no one else.

Do things for you

Do things because you want too and because it makes you feel better about yourself.

And it’s never wrong to ask for help if you can’t figure something out: how else are we going to continue to grow and learn.

It’s either through our own mistakes or through others, the end result should be to learn so we can’t correct or not make the same mistakes again down the road.

We are born alone and we will die alone.

We all die.

So take risk and have fun.

Music easier said than done for some of us, but regardless just keep trying.

Not everyone will have all the answers

And that’s perfectly fine

Can’t learn everything

We have to leave stuff for other people too

By the way

My cable is fucken awesome !

Hasn’t messed up as of yet lol


By the way I know it’s spelled ( but ) instead of the ( butt ) I was using.

Butt…. I was watching bobs burgers and well Tina said butts quite a bit and I ran with it as an inside joke.