The Grind and Hustle before the storm

I still haven’t finished that article, i know sorry :(

it’s coming though i promise.

Until then ill be submitting short stuff; because living in my truck and posting through mobile can take it’s time.


I have been studying to take my state test for real estate and insurance sales, out of three tries iv’e scored each time one 1 point below passing.


i scream to myself in my head, as i try not to blow my vocals.

( i need my voice not only for work but also record tracks me and my band mate work on) That’s another story.


Not only am i living in my truck to save money to send back home to help my parents out; ( more so my mother ) but im working 7 am to 8pm Monday through Sunday no day’s off!

That schedule is on a good day; sometimes we stay until 10, even midnight at times. (though they are rare, they can suck tremendously)

It’s not the 12 hour schedule that bothers me, i love working and making shit happen; there was nothing before i got my hands on it and now it exist. (i set up multi million dollar containers with servers and racks with power, cabling, CAT-6, Fiber optics, etc….. you get the idea; computer stuff…………………And that’s just my day job).

It’s that i cant focus 100% on what i want to accomplish and make possible, and i am someone who’s in tune with self awareness, i got the hustle and the grind! ( Gary Vaynerchuk vocab right there! also follow him i greatly recommend it, DO IT! haha ^_^ ).

I am apart of several businesses some which have failed, started back up and then just failed again. And in time hopefully once i pass that dam test! ill be able to work my ass off make some good income and re invest and re brand what i know the business can be. And a few other business projects which are slow and steady but patience is key and i think they will do fucken awesome! But there’s that income issue again, which is why im focusing on trying to pass the test. ( thinking years ahead, 10 plus years ahead; ill be up there in 6 years i guarantee it !).

I just can’t ever get time to do it all, it’s tough but im not going to give up.

As it is it’s currently 12:30 AM central time as im typing this and i have about 5 hours to sleep if i want to wake up and workout before work and 6 hours if i skip breakfast and workout all together; probably even lunch because 30 minutes just isn’t enough time to order anything. ( I live in my truck mind you). And that’s assuming i fall asleep right this SECON…………………. yeah thats not happening cause im typing this also…….Washing clothes (at a laundry mat) washing my dishes ( with whatever water is left in my 6 gallon container) trying to find my dam can opener! (i have tuna) organizing the truck back seat and bed in the well…. bed of the truck lol ironic world isn’t it?

That’s my bud’s car, he sleeps in his car as well. @TheJulianGreen

OH I also made my trucks lungs (Air Intake) Out of PVC and PLUMBING MATERIAL! Because HUSTLE! (Also a little bit of engineering and well…. nobody carries the part anymore)

300 thousand miles a lot of Frankenstein parts, but she runs like a champ! @TheTitanT1000

To the point or pint…… whisky sounds good, but…. macros and working out; dam it @mikevacanti @structurevamp @richardgmz -_-

So by the time i get home from work; drive somewhere i can cook without cops showing up; clean it all up; (maybe squeeze a workout in)and find a place to shower. I still have to check on my online profiles chit chat with followers make sure im giving them value and context, ( which at this current time isn’t either or it’s just random stuff throughout my day; (im trying and learning, im not photogenic or what not; it’s a process) because no matter if 1 follower or hundreds you have to give back; that’s the least we can do. ( By the way we should help each other our and take care of each other, do good; not because we’re told to, but because we just should).

I also have to edit and organize whatever files me and my bud record and make for our own collection and videos, (mostly parkour but you should totally check it out! (You’ll love it i promise!) DRock knows what’s up with editing hes the man!

Im getting to the point i swear I Promise!

If you read this far i want to just say Thank You! Im really bad at writing and you could be doing other or better things and you’re here, Thank You again.

The Plan

I am the only child to my two amazing parent’s

We never had much, as i grew older my father went into better jobs and eventually became a mail carrier and hasn’t left it since; my mother is a house wife, and despite not having much they made sure i had clothes on my back, a roof over my head, and food to eat; so i can’t complain really. (you’ll learn more about everything in the article im writing about myself, including this portion).

Guess what im trying to get at is…..

Im not giving up

I can’t give up

Even if i wanted to

I cant

I don’t have that option

I suppose it has to do with my DNA and Spanish/Latin background

Also the work ethic that was instilled by my father and the empathy through my mother

Over the years iv’e become a Jack of all trades, But a master of none.

So there are so many areas i want to tackle in the business world because iv’e learned and worked at so many.

I strongly believe i have what it takes, iv’e always been an entrepreneur and i know im always ahead of the game, i have original ideas and can make things happen.

But i need income……… i don’t believe in loans or asking for help.

That’s the tough part

Im built to work my ass off, make it happen myself

So the idea is ……

Work my ass off, save money, live out of my truck, hopefully find a balance, spend more time outdoors, workout, become healthier than i already am, and become physically fit. (not for the visual or vanity, (although that doesn’t hurt to build up self esteem) but for overall health).

Pass this dam F#$%n test, and begin to build a LEGACY

I want MILLIONS of dollars !

But it’s not for me.

I want to be able to take care of those who matter most; Family (parents) and Friends ( i can count them with both my hands)

And then from that EMPIRE!

Build something that will grow and stand the test of time, that can lead to projects or companies that will help others; as many people as i can before i die ( whenever that is).

Even if i change just one life, that’s all that matter

Heck it could even be as simple as paying the salaries to my employees, who without me wouldn’t or couldn’t land a job because of who knows whatever the F#$% reasons the system screwed them for something stupid they did as a kid and now can’t work at Walmart and have to live on the street.

Case in point

I just want to Hustle and make my dream Legacy a reality so that i can help people out and maybe change the world a little bit, that’s all; that’s not too much to ask for right?

I mean we all have the option and ability to do so, i just want it really bad.

My life hasn’t been the best and iv’e probably missed a lot of great opportunities because i went the blue collar route to help my parent’s out instead of using my knowledge and college degrees to do whatever the fuck it is i could be doing.

All i know s that because of Gary Vaynerchuk the fire under my ass has been re kindled and i couldn’t be more glad.

Im 26 and i rather start now what i should have years ago than too late in my life and regret.

To the end of this thing im typing because of insomnia and Hustle!

I wen’t on a rant, skipped around and probably lost track of what this was and perhaps even your attention along the way.

But again THANK YOU for reading, your attention matters very much.

It is now 1:30 AM Central Time Zone Time

i go in to work in……. 6 hours for another 12 hour shift

And as i click the Publish button hoping this get’s uploaded while i lay here in my Truck Beds Bed Make Shift Home.

I’ll Leave You with this

Im going on this adventure that will hopefully take me somewhere i believe in my heart i belong. ( On Stage with my band, or business Entrepreneur who knows).

I hope you all will tag along

Be kind to each other, take care of each other

And let’s make shit happen, change the world for better!



Okay i seriously need to get some sleep


My lack of sleep these past two weeks probably made me write nonsense 0.o

Goodnight !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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