Sandra’s Story!

Like Sandra, you have been blessed with something unique, your business idea, that zeal, that drive, to be something more than a job-seeker and transcend into job creation.

The truth is, with all the happenings in our economy, as one of #The10000 this is the best time to either decide to move up in your business or stay stagnant and eventually, die out.

However, you getting this email means that you don’t want to be ‘just another businessperson’ but you actually want to do something worthwhile in your business, just like our friend Sandra.

Sandra is one of #The10000 just like you reading this, an Entrepreneur looking to make true change, she has asked us to leave out the details of her ‘hustle’, but she is more than happy to share her story with you.

Sandra* is in retail, she travels the country looking for the cheapest prices on products and sells them in the capital for a small profit. Sales were great, especially due to the fact that she made a huge point of selling her products at least 10% cheaper than the competition, considering that she got the goods at rock-bottom prices.

Unfortunately, Sandra had a problem, she noticed that she still had to depend on her day job for basic amenities like rent and electricity bills, hiring someone else was out of the question as she barely made profits despite her ‘crazy’ sales. No matter how hard she tried, how many items she sold, she always ended up with just enough to buy some ‘extra’ but not enough to live by.

So Sandra came to us*, and together we searched for a solution to her problem, we started by collecting the facts*.

Next week we will cover our findings with Sandra, and together this month, we would learn how to identify similar situations in our business as well as how to avoid them.

Till next week.


[1] Ayo is a fictional character, any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental.

[2] Our twitter genie @SMEDaddy responds to SME SOSs 24/7.

[3] Whenever you face a problem, especially in business, your first move should always be to gather the facts around the situation, ask yourself ‘What happened?’, ’Why/How/Where/When did it happen?’.

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