First (Yelp) Hawthorne/Stone Property Management Review

February 2017

First off, two stars for Maggie St.Germain in the office because she really is great. She tries very hard to do what she can when you need help, especially with maintenance issues… which is another story…

I live at 808 Leavenworth street, and have been there since 2011. Since the beginning, there have been some weird things happening:

1. About one week after moving in, a man (mid 30/40s) bangs on my door. I answer and he looks surprised to see me. He asks for someone else (male) and says he’s there to change the locks on the door. I find it weird and notice that he has no tools, uniform, or identification or clearance (locksmith) to change the locks. I tell him I don’t know who he’s talking about and he walks away. It was very weird, but I didn’t report it, only told a couple friends.

2. Since the beginning, the resident manager has kept saying that there’s always people trying to come into the building, and one time, he found some people smoking crack, sitting on the lobby steps (or so he says.) This was and still is a red flag for me, because I have to wonder, is this amount of trespassing normal in residential buildings, especially to a point where the resident manager is constantly kicking people out, calling the cops, and paranoid whenever he answers his phone? We’ve also gotten letters telling us to stop letting people we don’t know into the building, yet I’m pretty sure we all know better than to let in crackheads or suspicious-looking people…

3. In the beginning of this month, December 2016, I heard some people come up the steps, then some talking, and then a female screaming very loudly telling someone to stop hurting her (“You’re hurting me!”) and calling out to her friend? for help. Her male friend starts to tell the assailant to let her go and keeps yelling, “She’s pregnant!” He also says something about a hospital (“She was at a hospital.”) and her yelling, “Call the property manager!” I hardly hear the 3rd party, but gathered that he was strong enough to grab/squeeze/punch the female out the door.

They make it outside and I hear her still screaming, and her friend still saying that she’s pregnant. Another mention of a hospital and I’m wondering if anyone on the street or at the local cafe will intervene, because it isn’t sounding too good. Finally, I hear another male voice, deeper, start talking. I’m thinking, finally, someone’s intervening, but instead I hear the new male say that he has every right to toss her out because of…..?

I will also note, that earlier that day, I heard some tools and banging going on around that area of the hallway so perhaps, the locks were being changed. Even so, if the female currently resided in the unit, why the force (and change of locks)? Was the assailant waiting all day for her to show up just so he could take her out? (There was a lot of vacuuming on that floor going on that week…) Did they think she abandoned the unit, did they think she was squatting, or were they trying to illegally evict her?

So here are my thoughts:

I understand that the safety of the residents in this building is important, but after incidents #1 and #3, I do have my suspicions…. Is the property owner, Rob, resorting to the illegal practice of changing locks and using brute force to get people out of this building? And are the people who are trying to come into the building actually locked out residents who are trying to get back to their home and possessions? It is possible that the resident manager doesn’t know everyone in the building, or that a few bad eggs do get past the building entrance. Either way, I hope the female I heard and anyone who’s had to deal with this aggressive behavior gets their day in court, and that this property management can find a better and more saner solution to deal with these and similar problems.

So in conclusion, before doing business with Hawthorne/Stone, make sure you ask lots of questions about their practices, their contracts, maintenance, fees, anything that you think will or could be potential problems.

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