Armageddon Apocalypse

The Arm of God, Amun Ra

The Armageddon Apocalypse: The Unicorn’s Reveal

Armageddon Conspiracy Vs. Apocalypse

Solomonic plot to kill the Abrahamic God

Often associated as “End of the World”

Armageddon- The ARM of God Age of Eden

har məgiddô
məgiddô= M E G I D D O, Me God I-D-O
The word is translated to Greek from Hebrew har məgiddô (הר מגידו), har

meaning “assembly”. Thus, “Armageddon” would mean “Mountain of Assembly,”

meaning “uncovering”), translated literally from Greek, is adisclosure of knowledge, i.e., a lifting of the veil or revelation.

The Armageddon is at hand. It means The ARM of God The Age of Eden. The Apocalyptic Armageddon or the great reveal or lifting of the veil. The word is with God the thing is the Christian word is plagiarized from the Egyptians. The translation of The Bible I be live comes from the book of Ra.

Armageddon comes from the Hebrew Har məgiddo: M G I D O, meaning God is I-D-O God is Dio.
The ANDROID ARM in reverse reveled M RA DIO R DNA.

Our DNA comes from God. RA DIO.

The Bible is the Book of Eli. Eli is Dio revealed by the word religion (r eli gid3o) Eli is GDO

In the translation/plagiarism minute alterations obvious forgery. Egyptian Atum became Christian Adam, Amun to Amen, Meri to Mary and even the savoir Jesus from Eisus a Pagan Priest murdered by the Church for his refusal to convert.

Prepare the way of the Lord behold I send my messenger.
The Arm of God is upon all nations.
The Age of Eden
What is in a name but the name of the one you have waiting for. The Kin of The Christ.

The Revealing of the truth by the Unicorn Pegasus.
The Kin of Jesus Christ

“Hello World”
This is the Unicorn Armageddon Apocalypse and I am the Unicorn, Eisus Uni Peg Unix, The Son of God.

Your Excellency, Lord and King
JC Holy Man Payne

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