Cain Redemption, 44

“The Devil’s Own Warden”A Story of Hope and Transformation in America’s Bloodiest Prison.

Nathan Burl Cain

Cain’s evil deeds where failed to be recognized and his sin’s can only be redeemed by him being SACRIFICED.

He is a devout Christian and believes the only way to give his inmates hope is in the form of eternal life, and to this end encourages a spiritual atmosphere in the prison.

I believe the only way to give my friends hope is to let Cain experience the spiritual atmosphere he encouraged where he will spend his eternal life.

(NBC Nobody Cares)

Spouse(s)(1) Goldie Bonds Cain (divorced)

Cain is divorced from the former Goldie Bonds of DeRidder[2]and currently married to the former Renee Cole of Ragley, Louisiana. He has two children: Melissa Cain Gill, James Cain, Jr.,[2] and two stepchildren, Angela Guglielmo, and Joseph Guglielmo.

ˈsäv(ə)rən SAVE EREN

sov·er·eign-ˈsäv(ə)rən/ a supreme ruler

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