Touched by an Angel.

DEO IS COMING-SOON To Rub your Back. “this just in” C Raven Online” yes i see. “CRAVENONLINE” what do you Crave?

so DOCUMENT THIS DOD (Department of Defense) DOC ( Department of Corrections) DOC (Doctor-Death) DOC stay away from Mc Fly. <<O Mc. Download is related to the Clown that Killed: John Wayne Gacy’s. DUC DUC Goose.

The DUKE AND DUCHESS powered by DU.
#1 and #2 Adolf and Rudolf the RED NOSE Reindeer. Adolf is a”DO” i do believe and Rudolf Hess is the “Duchess”

number 2, The Deuce, turn 2, Peace OUT, your best friend, the Man from Uncle. The molester Uncle has an “EVIL GRIN”

The Devil is a Pedophile. You can document this and add it to your information FYI:

As a person that was molested (touched by an Angel). I have developed a certain set of “Skills” for identifying and discarding DNA infected with the “back rub” gene 8. Its call “Shank”.

A document from the DOD in the mail telling you your Null and Void (Next In Line) NIL Blind NIL.

I’m going all in .GO BIG OR GO HOME! Its all in “The Way” that you move it. The “sly up to” Yo Yo YO baby, How about a “back rub”.


Document this internet peer to peer research. Everything on the World wide web is being monitored. If I can identify matrix similarities in this manner. Your supercomputers should have no problem identifying potential criminal activity.

A better way of connecting the dots in police investigations to “backtrack” and find the “matrix similarity” unless you’re more concerned about concealing the crimes than exposing them.

This is gross. what the hell is going on. I notice a file converter a DOC to PDF.

(pedophile)Pedophilia or paedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children.

PDF: Pe Do File/pe·do·phil·ia/ (-fil´e-ah)
DOC: Do O C:/ Do.cum.en- t/ Deo cum in. (Deo is coming)
Deo see ped o file

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