Bjork Wants You To Stop Instagramming and Go to the Forest

Often, I feel like somewhat alienated in my views regarding social media; it seems as though the constant inundation of information in all forms, from every single corner of the globe, is not something our relatively-recently evolved brains are designed to handle.

I chose this article due to the fact that it was one of the first articles suggested to me on Mashable’s Social Media category, but also because the headline instantly spoke to me. Bjork is an acclaimed Icelandic avant-garde singer-songwriter, the work I am admittedly unfamiliar with.

Bjork provides the perspective of someone who, although skeptical of social media, still uses it to her advantage, rather than putting, “bananas in my ear and just wait for it to go away.”

Although there is seemingly no way to have a successful global career of any kind in 2017 without maintaining a social media presence in some manner, it is still important to use it with healthy moderation. Bjork’s advice to get in some time wandering outdoors each day seems sound to me. Bjork is currently working on integrating virtual reality technologies with music, keeping one foot firmly planted in nature and the other in technology.

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