Populist movements: What are they actually ?

The title might not be clear enough. What I am talking about are the nationalist, conservative populist movements that have speard all though the States and Western Europe. Countries like Netherlands, Italy, France, Austria and even United Kingdom have (if not) been affected by then faced these rising movements. But what are they exactly and why are we seeing a lot of them in such a short span? Also, why were they not so significant earlier? I will try to answer these questions as we proceed through the article.

There is word that will help me answer these questions: ‘change’. I very strongly believe that these movements are a last resort to resist change. Now comes the question, change of what? I believe that these movements are somewhat of a last-ditch resort for some of the people to resist this change of globalization. These protectionist movements have been evolved out of the fear of change to the nationalism based society as we know it because the world is taking a global approach.

Due to factors like trade, working age populations, technology, cheaper and faster transport systems as well as internet; we have entered the age of globalization. And this era is breaking the chains of nationality through the method of immigration. Immigration in itself is not a bad term, and it also does not just mean immigrants from second and third world countries entering Western Europe and the United States. It in it’s ideal terms means division of labor on the basis of skill and requirements. This phenomenon would actually over power the terms like nationalism, that were hard fought for during the French Revolution back in the 1700s. A person would not be recognized any more as French or Indian or English. They would now be recognized as engineers, doctors, scientists, farmers and whatever profession they choose to indulge in.

Hence, I believe that all these populist movements are to resist such changes and I don’t blame anyone for resisting, it is human nature. They are not resisting because they don’t want globalization, they are resisting because they don’t know much about it. It’s the lack of familiarity of the concept that scares us all, but I urge each and every one of us reading this to take this leap of faith as the future is bright for us all.