When People Say You Aren’t A “Real” Writer
Steph Armstrong

Comment sections are truly fascinating to me. Just last night, a friend of mine with pre-existing conditions was lamenting the passing of the #AHCA and its consequences for his insurance coverage on Facebook.

Since it was a public post, this 54 year old man butts into the conversation and starts ranting and raving about entitlements, poor diet and exercise, and making all sorts of assumptions and judgments of people he doesn’t know.

You go over to his FB page and he’s kind and thoughtful to his friends and family. The contrast is as stark as Dr. Jerkyll and Mr. Hyde.

What is it about differences in opinion that does this to people? It’s amazing how some people turn into complete monsters from behind a keyboard. Especially from someone older and supposedly wiser than his audience.

It’s depressing.

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