Bodies, after all, are the new markers of socioeconomic status. Your body broadcasts your ability to hire a personal trainer or join a gym (to harness your sexy-strong-beautiful-on-the-inside selfhood, of course)
The New Creativity: Our Spectacular Ass Pants
Julie Camarda

Definitely true in my case.

2011: Paid $390/week by BMP in Los Angeles. Rent was $750/month. Starving and 10 pounds underweight.

2016–2017: Comfortable financially, not living paycheck to paycheck. CrossFit, eating 3600 calories a day, working out five times a week. Trying my best to not annoy the absolute hell out of my friends spamming workout pictures/videos.

But, definitely gotten “Wow, you seem to be doing so well” that seems to tie economic and personal well-being together.

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