Until we meet again, Blab
Dustin W. Stout

Great points, Dustin W. Stout. Oddly, I feel like “Talk about whatever!” aspect of Blab kinda hindered its growth. FB Live and Instagram stories are going to succeed because people are already there. I believe it’s hard to grow something purely on “Whatever!” because something new (like Twitch was back in the day) needs to harness passion that’s already there.

I watch streams on Twitch because there are skilled and/or entertaining people that play the games I already love. A lot of these gamers aren’t the most extroverted, but their passion for the game allows them to overcome their shyness. They may not have a web cam or even talk in their stream, but they stream because people watch what really matters: the game and how they play it.

Blab’s open-ended nature probably put those too nervous to speak publicly off; they need to be reassured the focus will be on what they do/what they care about, not who they are before they can drum up the courage to speak.