Hello Doctor Entrepreneur,

Do you have a tech-savvy idea that will radically change healthcare delivery yet you lack the time and experience in entrepreneurship? I bet you do not have the time nor energy to consolidate all the knowledge in entrepreneurship books and translate them into practical tips in the medical field. That shouldn’t be a challenge anymore. We are doing this for you.

Exciting Times! Under the umbrella of MedVerse, we are preparing a Practical How-To Guide to Innovate Medical Apps that will get you the necessary foundation in building a successful medical start up wherever you are in the world.

We decided that the first 100 subscribers prior the pre-order of this book will have it for FREE. Isn't this beneficial?

So, don't wait and subscribe yourself now! Click Here .

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Written by

Kat U

Biomedical Engineer @MedVerse | Medical Apps Consultant | Author of The Art Of Doctorpreneurship

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