TheLandDAO: An NFT Collection with various levels of utility; built to take stock in the Metaverse

TheLandDAO is a utility-focused NFT collection with both staking and burning mechanics being implemented throughout. The DAO itself will be focused on strategically acquiring land and assets in established (e.g., Sandbox, WordwideWebb3, NFT Worlds, etc.) and newly established Metaverses (think Facebook and DefiKingdoms). In addition to creating our own Metaverse platform for holders to integrate their NFT’s, we feel it is equally important to pursue diversified ownership in every area we find value, rather than concentrate 100% of our resources in one specific place. As a community, our job will be to find the best possible assets to generate value well beyond our mint date.

TheLandDAO introduces new mechanics to unlock unlimited potential for the community. “We create utility through acquiring land NFTs early as well as through our staking mechanism to earn $RENT”. As you may be aware, most DAO’s are created with the single purpose of acquiring Blue-Chip NFT’s and holding them hoping for an increase in price. NOT US! We plan to actively pursue opportunities with the specific focus of unlocking more and more value for our members. This can be achieved through the development of land or rotation out of stagnant assets into those with more growth potential. Rewards will be reaped by the true Diamond Hands.

Along with building value for our community, we also want to give back to less fortunate communities IRL. 20Ξ from our initial mint will be donated in 2 phases to Land Conservation efforts across the world. The specific conservation efforts we donate to will be voted on via Snapshot just like our DAO purchases. More to come on this soon.

This whitepaper and project will always be growing and by no means is this all definitive. We plan to evolve with the space as changes come.

Letter To The Community

For the past 2 weeks, the TheLandDAO community has grown exponentially organically and via word of mouth. We’re honored and grateful to have you here for the journey!

Thank you for sharing your time and attention with us as we prepare to show you what a true DAO should represent.

TheLandDAO is a community-driven project. Those who are in early and show they are here for the long-term success of the project will be rewarded. We’ve already begun focusing on the next phases that we will begin rolling out after mint. We’re very excited to take this to the next level!

This Is The Way

Phase 1 (Q4 of 2021)

  • Stealth Launch
  • 1,500 Genesis Mints
  • Mint Price .0888Ξ
  • WL Genesis for “OG” and “First Mover” roles
  • Mint Price .0888Ξ

Phase 2 (Q1 of 2022)

  • Public Mint
  • 7,388 Public Mints
  • Mint Price .0888Ξ

Phase 3 (Q1 of 2022)

  • Community wallet will already be established prior to launch with donations from the team (Wallet Address)
  • Initiation of Treasury Board & Multi-Sig Wallet (4 Members of the Founding Team and 2 Members from the Community)
  • Deposit of 60% of the Public Mint as well as 2.5% of Royalties on Secondary Markets (Raible, Opensea, possibly others…)

Phase 4 (Q1 fo 2022)

  • Creation of Discord Alpha Channel (2 Channels; Genesis Alpha & Nomad Alpha)

Phase 5 (Q1 of 2022)

  • 1st Round of donations (10Ξ) to Land Conservation efforts will be decided, voted on, then disbursed

Phase 6 (Q1 of 2022)

  • Staking goes live!
  • $RENT Token will be generated based on the tier of ownership
  • More to come on the utility for the $RENT tokens further down the Roadmap

Phase 7 (Q1 of 2022)

  • We will begin discussing our first set of purchases
  • We’ve brought on individuals with finance as well as NFT development backgrounds to assist in this process

Phase 8 (Q1 of 2022)

  • 2nd Round of donations (10Ξ) to Land Conservation efforts will be decided, voted on, and disbursed

Phase 9 (Q1 of 2022)

  • Begin development of Metaverse-ready 3D integrable !Nomad avatars
  • Begin development of integrable models of your TheLandDAO NFTs
  • These avatars and building models will be made available in exchange for $RENT
  • Our in-house developers will provide the community with options for development
  • A vote will be put forward to decide on what options to pursue

Phase 10 (Q2 of 2022)

  • Implementation of our Burning Mechanism
  • 2 times a year (May 31st and Nov 30th) there will be a cash-out mechanism available for 24 hours
  • Community wallet will be audited and assessed a value which will then be made public to the community
  • For the 24 hours following, an individual may burn their NFT and cash out their share based on the proposed value
  • There will be a portion of the DAO wallet set aside for these buyouts, also with the reserves from Secondary Royalties
  • This will decrease the supply adding value to those that are in it for the long haul

Phase 11 (Q2 of 2022)

  • Begin development of the 1st Community Curated project.
  • $RENT tokens will be utilized within our ecosystem to mint these future projects
  • We will work with other well-known artists to bring value to a project that is only available to the community
  • We will need to hold 1 Genesis or 2 of the other tiers to mint

More Phases To Come…including, but not limited to, our own Metaverse.; as well as the development of the land owned within the DAO…(Q3 of 2022)



  • 1,500 Supply
  • Earn 10 $RENT Tokens Per Day

Tier 1

  • 2,000 Supply
  • Earn 4 $RENT Tokens Per Day

Tier 2

  • 2,500 Supply
  • Earn 3$Rent Tokens Per Day

Tier 3

  • 2,888 Supply
  • Earn 2 $Rent Tokens Per Day

$RENT Token

The $RENT Token is the primary utility token of the TheLandDAO Project. $RENT is an ERC-20 token.

$RENT will allow you to mint the projects curated by the community. $RENT is generated daily by holding the TheLandDAO NFT in your wallet.

13,240,740 $RENT tokens will be minted annually over a period of 10 years.

Burning Mechanism

Twice a year (May 31st & Nov 30th) the community wallet will be audited and valued. For a 24-hour period immediately after, any holder will have the opportunity to burn their token for their fractionalize portion of the proposed value. Each individual who burns will also be put into a raffle for a chance to be Airdropped an asset that has been previously purchased by the DAO.


Minting can be done via the website ( or via Etherscan. Genesis minting will begin on 12/28/21. Public minting will begin on 01/16/22. Pricing will be .0888Ξ per mint.

DAO/Community Wallet

Please keep in mind that this phase of the whitepaper will always be evolving based on input from the community. Initially, the Founding Team will begin the DAO with a donation of personally acquired assets (e.g., WW3, NFT Worlds, Sandbox, etc.).

Once the project is minted out; 60% of the Public Mint will be deposited to the Community Wallet. Immediately thereafter we will begin to set the parameters for the Multi-Sig feature of the wallet. The Multi-Sig function will be compiled by 2 Members of the Founding Team, 2 Advisors, and 2 Members of the Community. All will be required to sign in order to process any transactions to or from the wallet.

We will take input from the Community in Discord as to which land and assets we will be attempting to acquire. We will gauge the sentiment and then put it to a vote via a Snapshot. All holders of our collection will have a vote. Tiers will also play a factor here, although each NFT guarantees a vote, they are weighted based on the tier.

  • Genesis = 4 Votes per NFT
  • Tier 1 = 3 Votes per NFT
  • Tier 2 = 2 Votes per NFT
  • Tier 3 = 1 Vote per NFT

Community Curated Projects

The Founding Team will use its partnerships with Pylon and [Redacted] to put forth major NFT artists. They will work specifically with our community to create multiple collaborative collections, starting in Q2 of 2022. This is another way we will continue to drive value back to the holders

Stay tuned to our Twitter or Discord for updates while we line up our LAND for launch. We will not DM you any links.

An NFT Collection with various levels of utility; built to take stock inr the Metaverse

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The Land DAO

The Land DAO

An NFT Collection with various levels of utility; built to take stock inr the Metaverse

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