Get Ready To Geek Out!

In today’s episode of the Art of Passive Income, we are are introducing The Land Geek Round Table. Every Tuesday I will get together with a panel of coaches and students and we will talk all things land that will help you move the needle!

Today we discuss:

Bootcamp take-aways — All those little nuggets that our panel has taken away that helped move the needle for them.

Bootcamp is something that I won’t miss. Every time I go I pick up a little nugget that makes me 100k… at least!

Newbie regrets — Those things that our panel looks back on now and wish they would have done different. Great information for those just starting out now!

Plus, do you know what to do when the cash runs low? And how much of a down payment should you ask for when carrying a note? Scott Todd gives an example on how he calculates his down payments.

Listen in now!

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