How To Eliminate Distractions So You Can Complete Important The Tasks

In today’s podcast, Mark and Scott talk to Rory Vaden — Rory is the author of Procrastinate On Purpose: 5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time and Take The Stairs: 7 Steps to Achieving True Success.

Today he talks to us about 3 types procrastination: classic, creative avoidance, and priority dilution — what they mean and how to solve them.

He also breaks down his Focus Funnel, which includes:

  • Eliminate
  • Automate
  • Delegate
  • Concentrate
  • Procrastinate
Give yourself emotional permission to spend time on things today that will create more time tomorrow.

There’s a time to procrastinate and a time not to, Rory helps you move past the distractions to identify those significant priorities that require your attention now that will help you to move forward.

You don’t want to miss this podcast, it WILL move the needle in your life!

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