In this episode of Coffee Talk with The Land Geek, Mark and Erlend talk about Erlend’s book Never Work Again. This book was on Erlend’s vision board for many years because he believed that it would position him as an expert in outsourcing.

Now that Erlend has written Never Work Again, he plans on writing a bestseller that will make it to the New York Times. Mark and Erlend also talk about contacting numerous influencers and how if just one of them expresses interest in a book concept, then it would be easier to market a new book.

Dive into the process of writing a book. Erland says it’s a project that takes a lot of time and investment but it encourages serious soul searching. Listen in as Mark and Erlend talk about saving time and enjoying life through outsourcing — fulfillment, achieving your goals, and lizard brains, monkey brains, and the higher brain. Discover the flow and how people who are able to achieve it become the best at what they do.