Running A Business With Your Spouse — You Need To Have Boundaries To Be Successful

In today’s podcast, Mark and Scott talk to Jill Stanton from ScrewTheNineToFive.

Jill and her husband Josh have figured out what it takes to be successful in both business and in marriage. What does it take to run a business together and still maintain a happy marriage? You set your boundaries!

Identify your personal strengths — Each of you has a role to play, the part of the business that you manage.

Work in separate areas — Set up designated work spaces so you each can focus on your own role in the business without disturbing your spouse.

Stick to your own role and trust that the other has their side — Don’t overstep your boundaries. Let your spouse have total control of their role.

I came from this social media background, really building up a community side of things… communication, talking to people. And he came with the technical know-how and the strategy and together we’ve been able to combine that into the perfect storm of online business partnerships. But I wouldn’t have learned what I’ve learned if it wasn’t for him and because he came from such a different background and has taught me so much about this but we kind of stay in our own lanes.

Besides the marriage aspect of it, we also talk to Jill about her journey. How she went from working a 9–5 to saying “Screw It” and is now teaching others how to do the same.

Listen in and see if you have what it takes to say, screw the 9–5 !