Want To Boost Profits? Learn How To Create An Optimistic Climate

In today’s podcast, Mark and Scott talk to Shawn Murphy from SwitchAndShift.com and the author of the book, The Optimistic Workplace: Creating an Environment That Energizes Everyone.

Shawn helps create optimistic workplaces by working with the organizations’ leaders to change the climate of the workplace — what it feels like to work somewhere, into a positive one.

If you want optimism, you’ve got to remove anything that creates doubt and distraction from people around knowing what’s important, how we’re moving the ball down the field and am I growing as a result of this. Nobody wants to go to a job and just contribute to something they don’t understand.

Shawn delves deep into bridging the gap between profits, getting the work done, and creating an optimistic climate and where leaders need to put their focus to achieve this. A couple of key aspects of this are:

Having regular one-on-ones — To sync up and make sure everyone is clear on where they are going, what the goals are, and where they are with the goals. You want to make sure they understand the meaning of their work.

You also want to help individuals be better in life as well as work. By recognizing that personal and professional worlds do collide, and by helping them to be better in both worlds, it creates a more optimistic workplace.

But can you apply these same principles to virtual assistants?

And what about open book finance… what kind of effect does it have in the workplace?

Listen in as Shawn answers those questions and delves deep into creating an optimistic workplace!