What Is Your Time Value? Work Less To Get More Of The Things You Love

In today’s podcast, Mark and Scott talk to the Founders of the Rusty Lion Academy — Robert Mallon and Bill Watkins.

Robert is a nationally recognized professional speaker, business coach, and mentor who has done close to 2000 full-day seminars and inspired thousands to achieve their unrealized potential.

And Bill, a West Point graduate, decorated Army officer, world class athlete, corporate executive, and an entrepreneur who took a business from the garage to 8-figures when he sold it.

Robert and Bill teach others how to spend less time at work so they can spend more time with family doing the things they love to do, by changing mindset and building a foundation strong enough to support your goals.

The problem that so many people have is they were never taught the right foundation to build their success upon and that’s why they work 60 hours a week, and it’s ridiculous!

Are you on the right track to get you to where you want to be 25–35 years from now? If not then it’s time for you to get off of the track you’re on and make your own tracks!

Why should you change your mindset from I can to I can’t? No I CAN’T get it all done. No I CAN’T work 100 hours a week….

Listen in now to hear all of the details.