JavaScript libraries to check out in 2016

JavaScript libraries are an incredibly useful tool for any designer or developer to be familiar with. They can add some super powerful functionality to your site or spruce up the design, resulting in a better experience for your users.

While there’s an endless number of resources out there, we think these JavaScript libraries are sure to take your site to the next level in 2016.

1. Drop.js

This open-source JavaScript and CSS library will help you create elegant dropdown items when a user clicks or hovers on an object. With smooth animation and simple design, Drop.js will add some convenient functionality to your site without going overboard (unless you want it to, of course). Check out the site to see some working examples of the types of dropdowns you can create.

2. D3.js

If you’re the type of person who just loves data, this JavaScript library was made for you. D3.js manipulates documents based on their content, and then will help you bring that data to life by using HTML, SVG, and CSS. For example, you can generate HTML tables or create interactive SVG charts. If you’re looking to display some data on your site, this is the way to do it. For ideas, check out this gallery of D3.js projects.

3. Dynamics.js

Animations can be a fun addition to your site. With the Dynamics.js JavaScript library, it’s super easy to create physics-based animations to give elements on your site the appearance of realistic movement. Make objects bounce, spring, react to gravity, and more with this simple library. Plus, you can test each setting with a simulator on their site, which is just plain fun to experiment with.

4. React

This is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It allows you to focus on the UI and results in a simpler programming model with better performance. It can also render on the server using Node, and can power native apps using React Native. React is a practical library that will definitely help improve your workflow.

5. Marionette.js

For any Backbone users out there, Marionette.js is a must-have. It’ll simplify your Backbone application code with robust views and architecture solutions. This library makes it easy to compose rich layouts with small components, share complex UI interactions across views, write classes with the same API as your views, and much, much more.

6. Sticker.js

If you’re looking to add a little whimsy to your site design, Sticker.js might be just the ticket. This delightful JavaScript library allows you to create a sticker effect on an element on your site. In other words, users can “peel” an image or object off the page just by hovering the mouse over it. It may not work for every site, but if you have the chance to add this clever animation, take it. Plus, microinteractions are all the rage this year!

7. Bespoke.js

Working on that portfolio? Bespoke.js is a gorgeous presentation library that will help you show off your work (or really any information) in the best way. With several themes, elegant transitions, and additional plugins to extend the functionality, this library is a great resource to have in your toolkit.

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This JavaScript library is here to make your life easier, specifically when it comes to Google Analytics. It supports both ga.js and analytics.js, and with its out-of-the-box function trackLinks, it makes tracking things easy as pie. Plus, the illustration on the site references Boba Fett from Star Wars. Do I even need to say anything more?

9. Easel.js

Easel.js is a JavaScript library that makes working with the HTML5 Canvas element super easy. It’s useful for creating stunning graphical experiences and adding playful elements to your site (literally, this library can help you make games)! For examples with editable code, you can check out the demos page.

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I know there are more awesome JavaScript libraries out there. What are some of your favorites? Tell us in the comments.