Are you a visionary or an inspirer?

Insurance brokers work with teams of people, both within their own organisation and externally with clients and insurers. In this context, your personality is a key to success in dealing with others, solving problems and general contentment with your work environment

According to the Myers-Briggs, there are sixteen broad personality types. They measure four attributes: whether you are introverted or extraverted, how you process information, how you make decisions and how much structure you want in your world.

You can find out your MBTI profile with this test

Myers Briggs gives the profiles names for example the performer, the inspirer, the caregiver, and the visionary. These profiles give a sense of which type of work environment an individual is best suited to.

In the world of insurance broking you could be working for a large consolidator, a broker network or small independent. If you are a ‘visionary’ for example you may struggle with the processes in place within a corporate and instead may prefer a higher level of autonomy which you can have as part of a broker network.

If you are closer to the ‘caregiver’ type, the increased automation for servicing clients using call centers may sit uncomfortably with you. If this is the case you may be suited to a smaller independent where the volume doesn’t require outsourcing, or a broker network where you can choose to spend as much time as you want servicing existing clients.

In reality, your personality type may be your biggest determinant of what motivates you for achieving the greatest results on both individual and corporate level. However, it may also be the reason why you are not fulfilling your true potential. Finding out what category you fit in with your personality, can give significant insight into the type of environment you are most likely to succeed.