The Sunday Parking Meters Giveaway

Hidden inside the MTA’s jumbled, stream-of-consciousness-style agenda for today’s Board of Directors’ meeting is one line that would end enforcement of Sunday parking meters.

What’s the big deal?
This is a nine million dollar giveaway that no one is asking for — except Mayor Ed Lee. Meanwhile, hundreds of low income youth, seniors and people with disabilities have been going to the MTA meetings begging for free Muni. They are being told that they have to wait until November and hope that the Vehicle License Fee passes. Or hope for more charity from companies seeking good PR in exchange for giveaways. This sucks.

Sunday Meters have caused no outrage, no “war on cars” protests, nothing…just successful metering like the City adheres to the other six days of the week.

Why are we so pissed off?
The MTA was established by an amendment to the City charter that the people of San Francisco voted on. The MTA’s purpose is to manage the fucking streets, not to do the Mayor’s bidding. It seems like the Mayor’s imperative is to give away the town to the highest bidder.

If the Mayor has his way, the next time you’re packed in Muni with all your other riders and the recorded announcement says “…please pay your fair share,” remember — anyone who can afford to own a car is getting a free ride thanks to all of you on that bus.

If the MTA gives in to the Mayor on this, maybe it’s time to delete “transit first” from the City charter.

What we want?
We vehemently oppose the proposal to end Sunday meters enforcement. Transit riders should not be forced to pay higher fares and receive degraded service so that motorists can get free parking.

San Francisco is transit first — stop talking about it and do something!

Who is the League of Pissed Off Voters?
We’re a bunch of political geeks in a torrid but troubled love affair with San Francisco. We’re blessed to live in America’s most progressive city, but we’re cursed to live in a city where most of the youth who grow up here can’t afford to live here. Frisco has its own dark history of injustice: redevelopment, environmental racism, the “old boys” network. All of us lucky enough to enjoy the San Francisco magic owe it to our City to fight to keep it diverse, just, and healthy. What are you doing to make a difference?

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