Some Garbage I Used to Believe About Equality
Johnathan Nightingale

Thank you for writing about your experience in an honest and authentic way. Oddly enough after having a good old debate with some guys who couldn’t understand that their unconscious bias comments affect the issue we have with the lack of women in tech - I have had to share this with them. Cos, you know, they can’t listen to me because I’m biased and a female 🤔 Thanks for bringing light to this topic, I’m certain you would have opened up the minds of people through this piece.

It is not a battle or argument, it’s about creating awareness so that everyone can work together to improve the situation.

Also it’s a hard thing to admit to yourself let alone others that you’re wrong or ignorant. We have all been there by only the courageous will admit it so that others feel okay to “change their minds” without seeming they have lost their identity or look flakey. Good work!