PROVED! High Court in Paris Upholds Dr. Seralini Study — GMO’s Cause Cancer in Laboratory Animals

Just as Dr. Seralini wins his case–that he was the subject of a concerted ‘smear campaign’ to discredit his work on laboratory animals studies proving that GMO’s cause Cancer–the US Agricultural Committee votes to impose GMO’s on the American people by way of the ‘DARK Act’ to prevent consumers from knowing if they are purchasing GMO products. The acronym ‘DARK’, or Deny Americans the Right to Know what’s in their food is just that! Proposed under the pseudonym, the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act, it provides for ‘non-labeling’ of GMO’s, calls for only ‘voluntary labeling’ by manufacturers, and preempts state laws requiring labeling. This ‘vote’ no doubt pushes forward the agenda of the Associations of Grocery Manufacturers, Snack Food Manufacturers & those invested in the Vermont litigation feverishly working to thwart the efforts of consumers and the Vermont government who are working toward the gold standard of transparency — transparency in the food industry. Yet the DARK act agenda — if left unfettered, would not only preempt (prevent) states from passing their own GMO labeling laws that mandate labelling, it would also limit what you can read on the products you buy. In effect, the DARK Act would curtail consumers’ right to know what they are purchasing, while simultaneously chilling speech on toxicity, that is, preventing state law makers from regulating what comes into their state and is presented to consumers for purchase. Hearing this, everyone should ask, Is this constitutional? And why would a committee that upholds caloric and ingredient information be so opposed to letting consumers know if they are purchasing a genetically modified food? Could it be that GMO crops are inherently dangerous and they don’t want consumers to know? Not only is it a fact that GMO food crops have different protein structures implanted in them, but many of these GMO’s have been made to create their own insect producing toxins — something ‘not’ found in naturally grown or traditionally hybridized varieties. Perhaps it may be the knowledge that by introducing foreign DNA into a food crop — scientists cannot predict how the gene splicing will occur and what allergenicity may result. Reactions can run the gamut from mild allergies, to anaphylaxis, to possibly death.

Without a doubt, curtailing the right to know is not only wrong from an ethical and moral point of view, it strongly deviates from any rational or holistic point of view. Needless to say, suppressing knowledge of GMO’s further frustrates those who have religious restrictions on what they consume — where their religion prevents them from eating certain foods; prevents them from consuming foods derived from animal sources or a particular species of animal; or consuming organisms, fungi, bacteria or foreign DNA that is not found in the products cultivated by traditional or hybridized breeding and may be an allergen. Uncanny how our government’s clandestine engine engages all those who would do its citizens harm. Thankfully however, Dr. Seralini is now vindicated from being labeled a fraud. That is, Dr. Seralini, lead scientist whose European study clearly proved that GMO’s and their synergistic herbicides can and do cause cancer. This falls in line with the recent World Health Organization (WHO) finding that the herbicide ‘glyphosate’ used in tandem in GMO’s — (glyphosate is also used on some conventionally grown produce), is a possible carcinogen.

So why is the US Agricultural committee in such a hurry to slam these GMO’s onto unwitting Americans’ plates? The real answer, is because the Vermont GMO labeling law is slated to go into effect in July 2016 — and because the representative industries in the suit lost a preliminary injunction — which means they have to ‘label-it’ to do business in Vermont. If they don’t want to do that, the next step is to stop the law from going into effect. So if the manufacturers and purveyors of GMO & glyphosate riddled goods can’t market their goods in certain states because they have to ‘label-it’–then they’ll have to do the next-best-thing–lobby congressional committee members to do their bidding.

So if you don’t want a plate full of GMO’s — and you don’t want the US Agricultural committee and Congress to curtail your right to know: Contact your US Senators immediately! Tell them as a ‘constituent’ and as a ‘voter’–you want them to ‘Oppose the DARK Act’ –you have a right to know what’s in your food and what you feed your family. Don’t let the choreographed voices of corporate-sponsored interests drown out the voices of the American consumer. Stop this Draconian bill meant to impede your right to know. With every voice–together–we can relegate the DARK Act to the annals of failed politicking where it belongs. If you agree with mandatory GMO labeling–and are opposed to the DARK Act’s voluntary labeling and state labeling preemption, contact your US Senator ‘Immediately‘. Don’t let the DARK act chill your speech on GMO’s and their toxic herbicide cohorts. To find your Senator, click here, and to view the GMO hearing, click here. For more information on GMO’s and their synergistic herbicides, watch: our shows, ‘Toxic Food‘ and ‘The New Food Order‘ right here on The Legal Edition!

See Updated Article–March 26, 2016 entitled: Win for Consumers! US Senate Rejects the DARK Act as Proposed by the GMO Industry & Lobbyists!

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