Casio Module No. 437 438 3208 Unboxing

Inspired by a coworker, I purchased, and excitedly awaited the delivery of my Casio Module No. 437 438 3208.

The FedEx box was stealthily delivered, in what can only be described as a drive-by-package-delivery. Not even a doorbell ring. FedEx really wanted me to be surprised the next time I opened my door. That is exactly what happened. I can only imagine that the surprise and excitement I felt was comparable to a child on Christmas morning had they forgotten what day it was.

Casio box, the magic moment awaits!

Clearly, this box had been expertly designed to withstand even the most grueling of shipping situations.

I ventured inside the box, only to be greeted by that familiar sight: high-quality electronics covered by a supremely secure packaging medium.

The air was thick with excitement. I couldn’t keep my hands from shaking but I held my breath and took this picture.

After a few minutes I took the watch and it’s display out of the box.

I let the excitement build.

When the time was right, I un-plastic bagged it.

Upon revealing the watch, I was in awe.

The multi-colored symbols and words.

The use of at least five different fonts.

The unequal corner-radii bordering each section.

Every feature of this watch expertly crafted.

Clearly this was the work of a design god, or godess.

The watch on its display stand.

It was difficult to take the watch off its stand. Not for a physical barrier, no. Rather, it was for a strong emmotional attachment to the presentation. I knew I could never put it back once I removed it.

Once I did work up the courage to remove the watch from its stand, what I found was confounding. Like my jean cutoff shorts, I prefer most of my accessories to be pre-stressed, but how did the designers know that? Was my Casio Module No. 437 438 3208 specially personalized to me?

Pre-stressed, the way I like my watches.

At this point I nearly died.

After setting the proper time and date, my arm model took it upon herself to model the watch.

You can clearly see how it compliments her complexion.

The pièce de résistance was the frame-ready literature that accompanied the watch.

It was obvious that Casio took no chances in production. They outsourced the manufacturing to only the most skilled perchlorate experts (Malaysia).

What you see is the work of a tri-lingual. The instruction book doesn’t stop at one, or even two languages.

You can also see the incredibly generous one-year warranty. Such expertly manufactured items need no warranty, yet Casio provided.

Since I live in California, Casio was required to tell us about the extra chemicals they put into the watch for our protection. I suppose this new generation of watch wearers is familiar with the interweb so I can tell you to just put that link into your AOL and learn all about how Casio’s chemical additives are protecting your modern art piece from the scourge of time.

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