“No Hits” by Black Mountain

I first heard this track on an advanced copy of a compilation by Jagjaguwar when I was working at Tower Records. It was a promo cd for new artists the label had recently signed. I got it before my buddy George could find it and therefore I was the one that got to turn him on to Black Mountain. He’s usually the one finding the new music, but this one I’ll always have over him. Black Mountain and Tom Waits.

This is seventies rock revival at its very best, which a lot of people will just call “stoner rock”. And it totally is, but “seventies rock revival” sounds better- and this sounds better than most of the bands they’re drawing inspiration from anyway. This song is the soundtrack to a few foggy years of midnight drives through the canyon, walks on the train tracks, and red-lit rooms where I itched and drank. Sometimes I hear it start and I stomp my boot. Sometimes I hear it start and I skip it. But when I like it, I really fucking like it.

“No Hits” is best played loud, at night, and through a wall of smoke. Companionship optional.

“No Hits” by Black Mountain: 9/10 (when I like it)