And when you look away, I’ll be giggling over your attitude. I will be secretly wanting to run my fingers through your hair and touching some strands that aren’t even falling out of place. Your confession is cheese-free and you are still a dear. I am wondering how is it like to be stared by you after a long time of separation too, aside from I might be numbing the ticklish feelings in my stomach. It is odd because after a series of long conversations, I still want to bribe the time to give us a moment. I want to hear the words out from yourself, to be in a familiarity that has been taken away from both of us. Perhaps it is true that I am being picky with my words, but I guess that is for an equal exchange with what I don’t do to my food.

You see, taking risk may seems scary, but it is either seizing things or losing it forever. Picturing myself of losing you is excruciating, besides I would bear the exact consequence continuously if it is you who I meet at the end. Although, I might still hide my new cup — which I don’t think it could be addressed as one — from you.*attachment After all, what is love without sacrifice. While we are demanding freedom, butterflies need the blue and so do our feelings shouldn’t be chained down to prejudice.

Reading it again, I believe your nap have brought a great sign. To make it complete, I wish for your night and day to be filled with sprinkles and cream. Although, I don’t understand, didn’t you plan to eat in for dinner? :p I wonder who will ace a cooking contest in your family? I know you can always prioritize things and take care of yourself, but I also know that you always treat others with respect and gentleness.

By then, please don’t let your hand hide already, I wish to hold them! I will make a cup of tea (bag) for you in return — which actually is relieving knowing that you prefer the bag, since I have always despised loose leaf tea (need some blows to set them away, otherwise might accidentally drink the leaf).

Tell me more about your agenda today?

P.S Sister has sterling eyes. Mariposa is one of the best.

P.P.S Does she prefer sweet or savory?

P.P.P.S Yes. I dra — tried everything.




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